Sunday, March 10, 2013

Disaster! -Taking the Lane, volume 9

Last week, I received my copy of "Disaster" - Taking the Lane, volume 9 from Elly Blue. I was previously unaware of how cool these little zines were until Richard Masoner, of the Cycleicious blog shared a note about a Kickstarter for volume 9's printing/publishing. The zine is a collection of stories about how bicycles have, or should have a role in disaster relief, emergency preparedness, and all-around survival.
Obviously, this is something that has sparked my passion recently, thanks to Portland's Disaster Relief Trials and my newly acquired trailer. So, I chipped in $5 to get a copy, and spent my past few nights reading each of the stories before bed. There was nothing remarkably new, but that's because I've been devouring anything and everything I can find on bicycles and disaster relief, however, it has confirmed the most important detail for me: That the world is currently blind to the role of bicycles in disaster relief and emergency preparedness. We need to continue to educate people on the simplicity and power of the bicycle, and it's benefits in versatility over a car in times of distress and emergency. Hopefully, when Boulder hosts it's inaugural Disaster Relief Trials (hopefully this June), it will be enough of an interest to get everyone thinking about it more.

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