Saturday, March 16, 2013

Charity and a Bicycle

I rarely give money to charities...not because I don't believe in it or want to, but because I rarely have enough for myself and my partner. What I do have, however, is:

Now, while planning Boulder's Disaster Relief Trials, and watching and learning from Transportland like a sponge, I have a few interim plans for cargo bikes in the People's Republic.

My bike & trailer at Naropa University donating some "free stuff".

Boulder Food Rescue:
Ever since meeting them at my first Boulder Transportation Connections meeting, I've been curious and anxious to participate. Doing morning and weekend runs with my trailer, rescuing food that would otherwise be thrown out, sounds like exactly the type of thing I've been looking for.

The Boulder Cruisers at the end of "Cranksgiving" last November. 
Boulder Shelter for the Homeless:
They have this list, which makes it incredibly simple for people wanting to donate in-kind (instead of money) items. So, I've decided that once a month, I'm going to pull my trailer along on our Boulder Thursday Night Cruiser Rides, gathering any donations I can get. Following the ride, I'm going to ride up Broadway, and drop off everything at the shelter for their use.

Okay, okay, I realize this isn't charity, but it is community-building, which I believe is just as important. The plan is to have some more picnics, inviting anyone with a bike and a few hours on a weekend to feast, play, and interact with the community. Cargo bikes and trailers provide the food, drink, games, tunes, and the bikes bring the people. The first big one is going to happen on the Nature Conservancy's "Picnic for the Earth" on Sunday, April 21st (the day before Earth Day).

So, maybe money isn't everything. Maybe time is money. Maybe time is more valuable than money. All I know, is Boulder needs this, and so do I.

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