Thursday, April 15, 2010

Awakening (my trip to Boulder, CO)

After my recent trip to Boulder, Colorado, to visit my girlfriend (she's currently attending Naropa University), I fell in love (with the city) and it's environmental consciousness.
One night, I took out my 2 year old moleskine, and made a list for myself. It was a list of environmental and health goals that I'm currently doing and want to do more, or goals that I haven't tried yet, but want to.

I'm currently:
-Recycling (plastics, glass, and metal as directed by the township)
-Cycling (7miles roundtrip to work in fair-weather)
-Unplugging (vampire adapters, unused appliances, lights, etc)
-Laundry (using Tide Coldwater, full loads)

I want to:
-Begin composting
-Take shorter "Navy" showers
-Cycle more (grocery trips, visiting friends/family, etc)
-Mowing using my reel mower (consistently instead of when I feel like a workout)
-Laundry (hang drying whenever possible)
-Gardening (at least a few vegetables, maybe get involved with a co-op garden)
-Spend more time outdoors

So, there's my list. I definitely consider myself a tree-hugger, but by no means are any of these things "ridiculous" for the average person to at least try...right? My gameplan over the next few weeks is to tackle each one of these. Some I'll start immediately, while others I will have to ease into. Also, while I don't want to inconvenience anybody with my new environmental awakening, I do want to influence people to try living more sustainably in their own rights as well. I'll be thinking about how to do that as I go.

Now I ask, "Am I nuts? What do you do that's Earth friendly? Any tips for me as I begin to whittle down these goals while making them habits?"

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