Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009: Turn off, Vote Earth

I've been Twittering about Earth Hour 2009 for a few weeks now, but the time has come to make the "official" post about it. At 8:30pm (in your time zone), flip off all your lights and unnecessary electrical items for an hour to show your support to keeping our planet livable.

Last year, I turned my lights out, lit a few candles, but still played on my laptop. This year, we are planning a backyard campfire cookout. I plan on practicing my "night" photography, and Twittering to make everyone aware of the electrical power we waste daily with unnecessary lights, vampire power, etc.

While I'm not doing much tonight for Earth Hour (maybe less is more?), here are 10 ideas (I borrowed ideas from others, for this list as well) to celebrate Earth Hour 2009.

1. Take a walk! Bring your camera, your dog, your children, and tour your neighborhood. How many houses have their lights off? (Be positive today. Pointing out houses/businesses who are wasting energy isn't what today is all about.).

2. Play outside! Remember flashlight tag, manhunt, capture the flag? Have a glow-in-the-dark soccerball? Put it to use and gain the bonus of exercise!

3. Do what my girlfriend is doing , and meditate, practice your yoga, and enjoy Earth's natural energy.

4. Have an Earth Hour Rave like Rachel Depp ( did when she recorded a series of amazing Earth Hour commercials for Grab the glow sticks, and call your friends over, and have fun! Music is allowed!

5. Ask your favorite restaurant is participating, or whether they could dim the lights for you for a romantic, Earth Hour, candlelit dinner.

6. Blog, Twitter, 12 (seconds), and photograph your Earth Hour activities!

7. Participate more than once, by coming to our Second Life Earth Hour party tonight (during PST's Earth Hour). Sicily Heartsdale made free shirts!

8. Join's mailing lists and groups, join the World Wildlife Federation, and show your support for our Earth.

9. Use the time while your lights are out to replace all your bulbs to compact flourescents (CFLs). Inspect your house for opportunities to let in more natural light!

10. And the easiest...Take a nap! What better way to not use electricity, than to sleep for an hour. You'll wake up refreshed, and will have helped the Earth. :P

What are you doing?

Got more ideas? Share them! This is a GLOBAL event, and since it takes place during your individual timezones, you can even watch other parts of the world

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