Monday, January 19, 2009

7 Things: a meme

 It looks like I procrastinated long enough to be tagged with the "7 things" meme twice! First, I was tagged by the environmentally-conscious, amazing educator, Matt Montagne, followed by my fellow Central PA social media guy, Brian Polensky
So, here goes:
1) Most people know me as a cellist/violinist, but I originally went to college (Mansfield University) as an oboe major because my high school phased out their string program. I started cello in 3rd grade!
2) I have never been in a hospital (aside from visiting friends/family). *knocks on wood*
3) One of my favorite jobs, was a 4am-12pm shift at a corn/soybean seed warehouse operating a forklift. It was a summer job with Pioneer Seed, and finishing work at noon meant I had the whole rest of the warm, summer days to swim, spend time with family, etc. 
4) I'm horrible at math! Really! Terrible! But, ironically, I love numbers, data, and statistics. If I could do anything with my life, it would be to improve my numbers skills and learn how to pass it along to students. 
5) In college, I wrote a series of short (under a minute) 12-tone piano pieces based on my piano abilities. 
6) I have two younger brothers, neither of which finished high school, but both have respectable jobs that they are proud of and enjoy going to everyday.
7) I didn't start driving until I was 22 years old (when I got my license before student teaching). My first car was a 1993 Ford Taurus.
I'm tagging:
(I told you I was awful at math)
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  1. I am still avoiding that tag 3 months later... And I did not any of that stuff. we must have a sharing problem :P