Monday, December 8, 2008

Catalyst's (can we recycle more?)

I have a great story today, which brightened my otherwise, hectic workday at Staples.
As a student at Upper Moreland Middle School, Mr. and Mrs. Rosenzweig both taught (math and life science, respectively). I only had Mrs. Rosenzweig, but I can tell you the few lessons I remember the most. Learning to spell her name (which still comes in handy even as I write this post!), was as simple as singing the letters to the Mickey Mouse Club Theme Song. Learning the different parts of a cell was a easy as singing the cellular rap.


The letters we wrote, on unbleached, recycled paper, to companies asking them to recycle more.

Fast forward to present day, I'm working at the Copy & Print Center at Staples, busily printing holiday calendars, Christmas letters, Masters Thesis papers, and so on. Mrs. Rosenzweig and her husband come in for a printing project. I recognize her and she recognizes me back (I think my name tag helped).
Then...she asks,
"I noticed you don't recycle waste paper here?"
I instantly flashed back to that lesson, and told her, that it was one of my first suggestions upon starting my job at Staples. She said she was proud of me for speaking up about it, and then she took it a step further. She asked for Staple's Corporate phone number and address!

In these crazy times, economically, environmentally, and technologically...with our education system and parenting styles being forced into change...sometimes it just takes one small catalyst to put things into motion. If you're not that catalyst, who is? If you're not that catalyst, why not?

(Yes, I was watching Heroes while I was writing this. Hence the title)

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