Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Plodt what you're thankful for (a little experiment)

Anyone that reads this blog (I know there's a couple of you at least, thank you!) either follows me on Twitter, knows me in person, or somehow found me from other social media. I also know that we all CARE. I've written and thought about how to leverage social media to help people before, but this time is a little different. Consider this experiment, a test of the tool, and a brighten your holiday spirit kind of project.

So I bring you Plodt.

Plodt, simply gathers tagged Tweets, and graphs them for you and your friends to see. Once you follow Plodt on Twitter, you enclose keywords in asterix along with a number. (it also tracks hashtags). So for example:
"I just won the lottery!!! *happy10*"
Now for the experiment: Ya ready? For the rest of the month, when you're *thankful* for something (tying this in with the holidays, get it?), tag your Tweets! It will be fun to see what everybody is thankful for at the end of the month/season!

photo credits: turtlemom_nancy, and Plodt's page via Jing.

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