Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tweetup, October-style

THURSDAY! Yeah, it's the 3rd one of the month already, so I'm gearing up for another trip to Harrisburg, home of my favorite social "real-world" network. It's always exciting to see the first few tweets asking, "When is the Tweetup?", "Who's coming?", etc. as we get closer to the Tweetup.

I've been asked recently, "Why go all the way to Harrisburg just to meet people you see online everday?". It's a valid question, especially with travel expenses (I'm happy, though, that fuel is getting cheaper!). Tweetups are a way to share all that stuff that doesn't fit in 140 characters (or 12 seconds), or doesn't translate well in type. We share new networks we've found, tips on blogging, Twittering, or "filtering the noise". We do this all over a couple of beers, and some non-bear chili.

A quick note to any Philly Twitterati: If anyone's interested in tagging along, let me know via Twitter or email. I have the most fun, and get the most out of these Tweetups when new people come.

The details: Thursday 10/16/08 7pm-9pm @ ABC In Harrisburg. (here for map)

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