Sunday, September 28, 2008

What would you ask a seasoned blogger?

I've been blogging for awhile now, but I don't claim to be an expert. In fact, my post today is just as important to me, as it might be to my readers. I ask this question:

What would you ask a seasoned blogger?

For example, last week, I spent a few hours searching for CSS and template tips to add my Torley Texture background, and change my list of tags into a tag cloud. I know practically nothing about CSS other than the idea behind it. That's something I'd ask a seasoned blogger for help learning.

I also recently added Google's AdSense ads to my blogs, in hopes that someday I'll earn enough money from them to at least fund a domain name and maybe even hosting. No loss if I don't, but it never hurts to try, right? That's another thing I'd ask a seasoned blogger: "How do I make money off a hobby blog?" (or is it even possible).

So, what would you ask? What if you actually *could* ask someone who knows his/her stuff, and would sit down and help you?

photo credit: edrabbit

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