Monday, September 15, 2008

HBG Tweetup: This time I have a favor to ask

Coming up, on the 18th, is Harrisburg's monthly Tweetup (I've blogged about it before). It'll be on the deck, of Appalachian Brewing Company, in Harrisburg, from 7-9-ish.
I always take something valuable home with me, whether it's a new social-media site to checkout, or advice for dining out in Harrisburg. I've made great friends ("unconsumated" until I met them, lol), and really enjoy the conversations both on the deck and online before and after the Tweetups.
This time, though, I have a favor for the Harrisburg Twitterati. I need to convince a friend that he needs to be aware of and active on Twitter (and other social-media) for his livelihood. I'll explain - My friend owns Idryonis Studios, a development and gaming company located in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. While their business is still quite young, they're doing alright. BUT, all of their business has come solely from referrals and luck (being in the right place at the right time, sorta things).
I believe Twitter and other social-media can improve those connections, and hopefully bring in more!
So I'm asking on Thursday, how do I show, explain, teach, and help Idryonis develop a plan to maximize their online presence (besides their amazing website)? I hope to be able to take away (in addition to the always great conversation), some sketch of an idea. Examples of how it's helped each of us, and examples of how it could help them.
Comments to get me/them started before the Tweetup? Leave 'em in the comments!

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