Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can we go paperless?

After starting my temp agency assignment, and while trying to keep up with all of Steve Dembo's Google Academy tweets, I came to a realization about my own habits...

I am closer to living a paperless lifestyle than most
. (Thanks, Google!)

I don't print emails, because Gmail archives them forever. Similarly, all my contacts are saved in Google Contacts (now a separate page!), or my cellphone. I've been scanning (or snapping cameraphone shots) of all receipts that I want to save, and syncing them to Evernote. I've even given up paper maps in favor of Google Maps either on my laptop, iPod Touch, or cellphone!

I'm definitely not the tinfoil-hat type, so privacy concerns don't, umm...concern me, but wasting paper does. Today, I photocopied invoices (which were originally triplicate carbon-copies), then had to file the originals. Following that, I dug through a Xerox box full of receipts, travel records, notes scrawled on napkins, business cards, and more. So, I ask...wouldn't Google and Evernote (and whatever else you needed) help you slow down your use of paper?

I need your thoughts, folks. I want to make a statement here, but I need to know I'm not nuts on this...

photo credit: AP_PHOTOS

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