Friday, September 19, 2008

After the Tweetup

Last night was my 3rd Harrisburg Tweetup, and this by far was the smallest attendance, since I've started going...but don't get me wrong; it was still a great night out, and there was still plenty to talk about!
We started out on the deck with Dave, Kathleen, Vicky, and myself. It's always funny to see a group of "strangers" try to meet, as Andrea (didn't get her Twitter name) found out. It made for a hilarious story, but at least she got a free drink out of it.
Aaron showed up shortly after, followed by Justin and Daniel. We joked about the "non-bear chili", and the HUGE (I'm not exagerating) salad Andrea got. We talked about Twitter's learning curve (or lack of one?), and our lack of wifi at the ABC last night. Gadget etiquette was also joked about (turns out, I'm allowed to keep my phone out on the table during Tweetups)
As it got a little chillier (still no bear, though), we moved inside. I responded to a few Central PAers' Tweets asking how the Tweetup was going, so later on we had James and Sara show up for a few beers and their normal restaurant/political conversations (which I find myself more and more interested in, lately).

So, I've made a decision:  I intend on making every Harrisburg Tweetup even though I'm no longer living in Central PA. Why, you ask? Because these people rock!


  1. aw, We think you rock too! So glad you were able to make it!

    btw, that chillier/bear joke was ridiculous. well played (in a nerdy sort of way-- the best way, of course!)

  2. Of course! I really hope I can make the October one...

  3. since Harrisburg is 3 hrs away and I am 12 hrs away. 4 trips to *dork up* = one trip to me. Hence why I don't approve of this idea. Just come see me.

    J/k. Anything that gets you out of the house, off the cpu and having fun is a * good* idea!

  4. Glad you could make it out! It's awesome that ABC's menu actually says "Bear Chili (ground beef; not bear)". I'm pretty sure we all slacked on promoting the tweetup this month, so October's should be pretty big.