Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why Tweetup? (post-meetup post)

This past Thursday, Cecily and I went to Harrisburg's monthly "Tweetup". (see previous post)
We met about 20 people (some of which, I've been talking to online for anywhere from a couple days to a couple years). All of them either Twitter, Blog, or know someone that does.

Here's a sampling of the amazing conversation, networking, and demonstration of the power of the internet:
-Shakespearian Actor, Djembe player, and philosophical artist (also an air-guitarist?)
-A young (mid-twenties) married couple, blogging passionately about personal finance
-Showing an investigative reporter the power of Twitter for getting up-to-the-minute news without all the noise
-Spam and how people will always try to take advantage of new technology
And that was just from our end of the 3 tables! People were solving problems, learning, and creating connections that otherwise wouldn't happen (look at my relationship for example!). The power of Twitter, is that in a world where everything you could possibly need isn't located in your little town anymore, you now have the resources (or the potential to have the resources) to get what you need, whether it's social interaction, education, tech support, job leads, advice, and so on. Do you have Tweetups in your area? Have you attended one?

Harrisburg's Tweetups meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Appalachian Brewing Company, originally hosted by blogHarrisburg.

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