Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pre- August Harrisburg Tweetup Post

So, after a quick confirmation via Twitter:

I got these:

This is just proof that Twitter is still alive and kicking, and that Harrisburg has one of the most interesting social networks I've ever encountered. I'm definitely looking forward to it, even though this one may be my last in the Harrisburg group (long story).
On a much happier note, I'm dragging along a Chicagoan to the Tweetup, my girlfriend, Cecily (aka @fallingwings). We always talk of the "echo chamber" when it comes to technology, and getting the "what's in it for me" mentality past the "choir" (i.e. people already using the apps/sites on a regular basis). We (the Harrisburg Twitterati) have frequently talked about how we feel our group is unique, and special. As we spread out, move on with our lives, and so on, will we be able to recreate this type of group elsewhere?
Anyway, quick info on the Tweetup for me, and others:
7pm-9pm @ Appalachian Brewing Company (ABC), Harrisburg, PA

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