Friday, August 15, 2008

Another blog? Why?

Welcome to! If you made it this far, you know me on Twitter, Plurk,, Strands, Friendfeed, Facebook, or through some other Web2.0 social-networking site. Maybe I posted something interesting. Maybe you followed me through one of my other blogs, Cello Wireless, or Ipenda Keynes in SL. The more "plugged in" I become, the more I feel the need to keep things the same, namely, my identity. Hence, the new blog, using my rorowe moniker.
Now that I got all the linking out of the way (feel free to follow or subscribe to any of those), what am I doing here? This habit of staking claim to my account name every time a new networking or online app shows up, started with Gmail. I was one of the lucky, first adopters, who got to choose practically any name I wanted as my Gmail address. I picked rorowe because it's a play on my name. Simple to type, simple (or so I thought) to share, and easily identifiable as ME. From that point on, when I joined a new site, I used that email address to register, and wanted my username to match. I spend way too much time online, so when I do, I want my identity to belong to me, without question.
Someday, this will be my starting point for all of my blogging. My "professional blog" Cello Wireless, will continue to be my thoughts on music and education (with technology thrown in when appropriate). My Second Life blog, Ipenda Keynes in SL, will always be written under my virtual world identity of the same name. *This* blog, is for all the hodgepodge that doesn't belong in either of those content-specific blogs.
If you stumbled upon this one, say hello!

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